Hyundai Motor Group Honorary Chairman Mong-Koo Chung Inducted Into Automotive Hall of Fame at Official Ceremony - PRNewswire

Honorary Chairman Chung becomes the first Korean to receive the accolade, industry's top honor Chung recognized for being driving force behind the Group's success, and a steadfast champion of the auto industry and the Korean economy Dedication to vehicle quality, global expansion of R&D and manufacturing network have been key to Chung's approach Hyundai Motor Group continues to pursue progress for humanity

DETROIT and SEOUL, South Korea, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyundai Motor Group Honorary Chairman, Mong-Koo Chung, has been officially inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame at the 2020/2021 Induction and Awards Ceremony. The industry's top honor was presented to the class of 2020 at a celebration held at the ICON Convention Center in Detroit on July 22.

The induction ceremony was attended by Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Euisun Chung, who participated in Honorary Chairman Mong-Koo Chung's place. Chairman Chung received the induction trophy and made a speech on behalf of his father.

"Honorary Chairman Chung grew Hyundai Motor group into the world's fifth largest automaker from its humble beginning. If my father were here, he would say he owes this honor to our employees, dealers and fantastic customers," said Euisun Chung. "My father continued the legacy of my grandfather Ju-yung Chung, who founded Hyundai. He expanded the Group's presence globally and continued to pursue excellence in quality. He made the Group something that employees and customers can all be proud of."

Chairman Chung also did not forget to mention his vision for the future.

"As Hyundai embraces the challenges and the opportunities of the 21st century, we will continue to strive for excellence, challenge convention and lead the evolution of smart mobility. We will realize progress for humanity," said the Chairman.

The Automotive Hall of Fame also took note of Chung's many accomplishments, including:

Acquiring Kia Motors Corporation into Hyundai Motor Group Spearheading the Group's growth with new plants in key regions, including United States, Europe, China, India, Brazil and Russia Creating a highly efficient, vertically integrated business structure that produces everything from steel to vehicles

The Automotive Hall of Fame was established in 1939 to honor notable business leaders who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the automotive industry and mobility. Chung becomes the first Korean to receive this honor, which was first announced in February 2020.

For more information about Hyundai Motor Group, please see:

SOURCE Hyundai Motor Group

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Officials talk about hot car dangers - Local News 8 -

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI)- Idaho Falls Police and the Medical Director of the pediatric intensive care unit at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center are reminding people about the dangers of leaving kids, pets, or other vulnerable people in cars.

Sergeant Sage Albright with the IFPD says this time of year, they get two or three calls a week about a kid or animal in a car. Also saying when they find the caretaker, they'll write it off, saying it's okay because a window was cracked open.

"That's not a good excuse." Albright said, "That doesn't really do anything to really alleviate the distress of whoever's inside the car, cause it doesn't reduce the temperature."

The greenhouse effect still works, and the car still heats up even if you think it will only be a few minutes.

"The issue is we all know when we go into the grocery store, so often 'I'm just going in for that gallon of milk.'' Albright continued "But then it ends up being bread, and eggs, and then we see somebody you know, we see a neighbor or family member and we end up talking. And you're in there a lot longer than you think you were."

Doctor Daniel Sedillo said cars can heat up in a matter of minutes.

"Studies and demonstrations show when the outside ambient temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a car parked outside can heat up to 110, 120 degrees within 30 minutes." Sedillo explained, "And that can be hot enough to make anybody uncomfortable, but especially a child."

Sedillo also said kids can heat up a lot quicker.

"Their set temperature is higher than adults by half a degree or so," Sedillo said "More often than not, they're fully clothed, they're in a car seat, so they can't dissipate their heat by sweating or just circulating air."

And once their temperature reaches that fever level of 100.4, they could eventually suffer heatstroke and possibly end up in a coma.

Albright said if coming across a person or pet left in a hot car, the first thing to determine is figuring out how much help they need.

"If it's obviously so bad that they need help now, take that action." Albright said, "You can do things like break a window, you can enter somebody else's car to alleviate somebody who's in obvious distress."

Albright also says if you think there's time, call for help, but always intervene.

"That's one of the great things about our community is there are so many people willing to help each other, and that's one of those times where you can really be helpful," Albright said.

Albright also says the best way to avoid a situation like this, is to just avoid the situation altogether, by not leaving kids or animals in the car period.

He also recommends leaving something like a phone, purse, or work ID badge in the back, next to the car seat or pet to help remind yourself there's someone in the back.

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Tips to protect your car from break-ins - WSMV Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - You can say the last few days have been hectic for the workers at Safelite AutoGlass in Nashville.

“We’ve probably seen an uptick in probably an extra 50-60 this week,” Safelite District Manager Peter Hicks said.

Hicks said the holiday season seems to be the busiest time for car break-ins. If you’ve watched News4 over the past few weeks, you know car break-ins happen year-round.

News4 obtained the latest numbers from Metro Police showing that so far in 2021 there have been almost 3,400 motor vehicle thefts this year. The numbers do not include the number of break-ins so far in July.

What can you do to prevent yourself from ending up with shattered glass?

“As far as shattering the glass, the tint will hopefully most likely prevent it from shattering into the vehicle. Most likely it will make the glass stay together,” Keeghan McGinnis, Office Manager at Xtreme Window Tinting in Franklin, said.

Some Nashville apartment complexes stepping up security after smash and grabs

There's been a rash of smash and grabs happening in and around Nashville. Some area apartment complexes have sent out notices stating they are vamping up security.

McGinnis and the workers at Xtreme Window Tint have been busy too, cutting film and placing it on car windows. He said it may not stop a crook completely, but it will definitely make it harder to get inside your ride.

“The film always has an adhesive glue to it, on the back of it. So, whenever we put it on, that adhesive is going to really stick to the glass,” McGinnis said.

Any small deterrent could make the difference between a crook smashing your window or moving on to the next car.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to what the vandals do,” Hicks said.

For more tips on how you can protect yourself from auto thefts, click here. is now with you on the go! Get the latest news updates and video, 4WARN weather forecast, weather radar, special investigative reports, sports headlines and much more from News4 Nashville.

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Car windows shattered by drive-by BB gun shooters in northwest Omaha - WOWT

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Dozens of neighbors in northwest Omaha are looking for answers after their car windows were cracked or shattered by a serial BB-gun drive--by shooter.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office confirms that they’ve received at least 20 reports of the crime since Tuesday afternoon.

“Very frustrating,” says Jeremiah McFarland, who lives near 144th and State streets.

“I was confused, kind of angry,” says Nick Hagen, who lives near 156th and Ida streets.

Chief Deputy Wayne Hudson tells 6 News that reports have come in from neighbors who live between 132nd and 168th along State, Ida and Fort streets.

Amanda Manning caught a video of who they believe may be the suspects on her doorbell camera. If you listen close, you can hear three shots as the black SUV drives past three parked cars.

“You can hear them shoot at every single car parked on the street,” she says.

The next day, Manning found several BB pellets lying in the street.

However, the damaged to her car was more minimal compared to others, like Hagen.

“There was like six cars out here and they chose two of them and one happened to be mine,” he says.

Hagen’s driver’s side window was completely shattered, leaving him to pay hundreds.

“They’re charging $360 to get it replaced, we called insurance and they said due to it not being the windshield they don’t have to cover it, so it’s coming straight out of pocket.”

And McFarland is in the same boat.

“I started getting the estimates to fix that window, $900 to $1500.”

Almost every single car that was damaged was parked a long the street - not in driveways. Something that Mcfarland rarely does.

“Probably six times since 2009 have I, parked, you know, leave it on the street overnight.”

Hagen and McFarland, as well as others who spoke with 6 News in the area, say it’s very disappointing to see this happen in their quiet neighborhood.

“Your fun may be fun for you but it costs people a lot of money and I hope that if you see this you realize that karma’s going to come get ya,” Hagen says.

“Think about the impact of what you do and how its effecting people,” McFarland says. “It’s all fun and games lets go do this but we’re all working class people out here most of us don’t have $500 to $1000 dollars sitting around, it’s going to put a dent in a lot of people’s wallet.”

Anyone with any information, photos or videos is encouraged to file a report with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Copyright 2021 WOWT. All rights reserved.

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Woman's body found in car in east El Paso; 2nd case in as many days - KVIA El Paso

El Paso

White sheet covers a vehicle containing the body of a woman in an east El Paso paring lot.KVIAWhite sheet covers a vehicle containing the body of a woman in an east El Paso paring lot.

EL PASO, Texas -- Police were investigating a body found in a car in east El Paso late Thursday afternoon; it was the second body found in a car in as many days in the city.

Thursday's discovery happened in a parking lot at N. Zaragoza Road and Vista Del Sol Drive. A white sheet could be seen covering the vehicle at the scene as police examined it.

Authorities indicated the body was that of a woman, but didn't offer any added details.

On Wednesday, a man's body found in a parked car in west El Paso at 4740 N. Mesa Street. Detectives were investigating that death but suggested that foul play wasn't believed to be involved.

Crime / News / Top Stories

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